A Full Guide to Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements come with virtually every online casino bonus offer. Learn more about them in this simple guide.

Standard to any online casino bonus promotion is its specific terms and conditions. While these conditions might vary from one online casino to another, wagering requirements remain common across the board. Actually, wagering requirements cut across most promotions offered at any online casino in the Philippines. 

Basically, their purpose is to prevent players from cashing out their bonuses without playing on the platform. But of course, there are a few more details. In this easy guide, you’ll learn all about the wagering requirements and how they affect your chances of withdrawing your winnings. 

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What Is a Wager?

To better understand wagering requirements, we must first define what a wager is in relation to online casino games. In simple terms, when you place a wager you’ve placed a bet that a certain game result will occur. So, a wager in relation to online casino games simply refers to the amount you risk in a bet. For example, in roulette games, you can bet that the ball will land in a black or red slot. Any bet amount, be it 50 PHP or 50,000 PHP, placed on any game is a wager. 

Understanding Wagering Requirements 

Wagering requirements are part and parcel of most bonus promotions at top online casinos in the Philippines. When you read the terms and conditions for the offer, you are bound to come across terms such as “x30 wagering requirements”. Alternatively, you may find phrasing like “x10 playthrough requirements” or “x40 rollover requirements”. Basically, these figures show you how much you must spend in order to unlock the bonus amount and withdraw it. So, in cases where they are present, you must satisfy them before cashing out your bonus cash and winnings. 

Avoid Wagering Requirements

How Wagering Requirements Work

Different online casinos have different terms, especially when it comes to the rollover requirements. As a rule of thumb, the lower they are, the better the bonus. Of course, there are other factors that should affect your decision, including:

Qualifying Games 

Not all games contribute towards the wagering requirements and even those that do may have different contribution rates. Generally, online slots have a 100% contribution while table and card games have different rates, usually between 5% and 20%. 

For example, if you are playing online slots and spend 100 PHP, this 100 PHP will contribute toward the wagering requirements. But if you are playing blackjack, which has a 20% contribution rate, only 20 of the 100 PHP will go towards meeting the playthrough requirements.

Maximum Bet Limits

There’s often a maximum bet amount that contributes to the wagering requirements. For example, a promotion can cap the maximum bet amount to 50 PHP, and any bets higher than that won’t count.

Time Constraints

Once you opt into the promotion, you might have a fixed time limit to meet the wagering requirements. Some online casinos require you to meet the rollover requirements within 7 days while others will allow up to 30 days. 

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Calculating Wagering Requirements

Unfortunately, you cannot instantly turn your bonus into cash. First, players must spend a certain amount at the real money casino. Calculating this is very simple, the answer is equivalent to the bonus multiplied by the wagering requirement.

For example, say an online casino offers you a bonus of 500 PHP subject to x10 wagering requirements. Basically, this means you must spend 5,000 PHP playing real money games before you can withdraw the bonus. 

The following formula will help you figure out if the offer you consider is good: 

  • Total Bet = Bonus Amount x Wagering Requirements

Wager-Free Bonuses

Fortunately, some casino bonuses come without any restrictions. They go by different names like no-wager bonuses, keep-what-you-win No Deposit bonuses, and many more. Moreover, these offers come in different forms, but usually as free cash and free spins. Because no wagering requirements are involved, this bonus tends to be quite small. 

Of course, wager-free offers are easier to unlock. The main advantage is you can use the bonus cash to play real money games and instantly withdraw the winnings. Wager-free bonuses also enable you to try out an online casino game without the risk of losing your hard-earned cash. 

Low Wagering Bonuses

If you are not lucky enough to get wagering-free bonuses, you can take advantage of bonuses with low wagering requirements. The term “low” can be subjective and vary across casinos but generally, any figure below x20 is great. Usually, the standard figure is about x30 but some online casinos have figures as high as x75. 

Low wagering bonuses can sometimes be better than wager-free bonuses. They offer better bonus amounts compared to the wager-free offers. Filipino players will also find redeeming these bonuses easy, thanks to the fact that they come with low playthrough requirements. 

Can Players Avoid the Wagering Requirements? 

Unfortunately, players cannot avoid wagering requirements but it is possible to beat them. If you want to unlock the bonus cash or withdraw any winnings, you must meet all the conditions. But just because you have to meet the rollover requirements doesn’t equate to not being able to beat them. 

Especially for high rollers with a sizable bankroll who frequently play online casino games, it’s easy to meet the conditions. Of course, this is where factors such as maximum bets and time limits come into play. So, choose a promotion that has high maximum bet limits and gives you a reasonable time to satisfy the conditions.


Virtually all online casino bonuses come with terms and conditions, including wagering requirements. Basically, these prevent you from withdrawing the bonus cash immediately and require you to play games on the platform. Although they can’t be avoided, there are some things to do when selecting a bonus to claim. If a no-wager bonus is not available, opt for low-wagering promotions which are easy to redeem. Of course, you can do the research on your own but you can also head to our casino reviews. There you’ll find the best online casinos in the Philippines with low wagering bonus promotions.


The rollover or wagering requirements of a casino bonus is a value showing you the amount you must spend playing games before you can cash out or use your bonus.

No, not all bonuses have wagering requirements. However, most do. The casino enforces these conditions to prevent players from cashing out bonuses before playing any games.

Basically, you must spend real money playing games at the casino to meet wagering requirements. The higher the wagering requirements, the more you’ll have to spend.

No, different games contribute differently towards the wagering requirements. Generally, slots have a 100% contribution rate, while table and card games tend to have a 5%-20% contribution rate.

It depends. Some online casinos require you to meet these conditions within just 7 days, while others allow you to take up to 30 days.

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