The Best Sabong Betting Guide for Filipinos

Online casino and sportsbook enthusiasts in the Philippines love betting on Sabong. Learn more about the sport in this easy guide.

Sabong is a very popular pastime among Filipino gamblers, hence why it’s available at so many online casinos and betting sites. Basically, in Sabong you can bet on one of the two cocks pitted against each to fight. If you make a correct prediction about which animal will win you get to walk away with a profit. Because of the simple rules, Sabong is a national obsession among bettors in the Philippines. 

Actually, there are over 2,000 stadiums across the country where this sport is practiced. In this easy guide, we look at some of the common Sabong tournaments you can participate in. You’ll also learn a thing or two about betting on the sport. Moreover, we’ll share a few tips to help you know the best animal to back during betting. 

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A Short History of Sabong Betting

Gambling has been around for ages and the oldest type is sports betting. Cockfighting has been part and parcel of the Filipino culture for centuries. In fact, there is evidence in literature and media showing the sport has been around for more than 2,000 years. For instance, Francisco “Soc” Rodrigo’s Play – Sa Pula, Sa Puti – is a prime example. It loosely translates to For the Red Rooster, For the White Rooster. But Rizal’s novel Noli Me Tangere and Antonio Pigafetta’s Journal among many other examples also include mentions of the sport. 

Allegedly, Chinese traders visiting the Philippines in the 12th and 13th centuries introduced Sabong locally. The Chinese would bet a certain amount of money or an item backing their birds. Then, the owner of whichever one emerged victorious would walk away with the prize. Of course, over the years Filipinos adapted cockfighting and made it a national sport. But today Sabong betting is an international sensation thanks to eSabong, which allows players from other countries to participate. 

How to Bet on Sabong

How to Bet on Sabong 

Before learning how to place a bet on Sabong, it’s important to remember you will be betting on two cocks. Basically, the options are the “meron” and the “wala”. The “meron” cock is the favorite, while the “wala” cock is the underdog. Both animals wait on either side of the ring with their owners for the referee’s signal to start fighting. 

Once all the bets are in, the referee signals the start of the match. From here, the cocks are charged toward each other. They will fight until one of the three things happens: 

  • One of the birds dies in the fight; 
  • One of the cocks is unable to stand or move after being made to stand thrice;
  • Both animals are unable to complete fighting within the stipulated time.

Players who placed a bet on the winning bird will receive prizes as per the odds and amount they wagered. But sometimes the match ends as a draw or both cocks die during the fight, which is also a draw. In this case, bettors receive payouts depending on the backed options. 

Of course, there is a betting system for paying out winners. The lowest odds are the “sampu siyam” or 10% payout. Next in line are the “walo” or dyes, which offer a 20% payout. “Anim” and “tress” refer to 30% and 50% payouts of the prize pool. The highest is the “doblado,” which corresponds to a 100% payout of the pot.

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Sabong Live Betting and Online Betting

Live betting on Sabong remains popular among Filipinos and it’s completely legal in the country. So, you only need to visit one of the many stadiums across the Philippines. However, PAGCOR has enforced a ban on eSabong. Despite the ban, eSabong remains popular and many platforms continue offering the service illegally. Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy Sabong online. Licensed and regulated top online casinos and bookmakers now offer virtual Sabong, which is legal and hurts no animals.

Popular Sabong Tournaments

There’s no better place to wager on Sabong than at the tournaments. Besides the opportunity to win loads of cash, you also have a wide variety of options to back. While there are many Sabong tournaments you can participate in, some are more popular. For example:

  • World Slasher Cup – This is the “Olympics of Cockfighting” and has been active since 1963. The event attracts locals and international participants.
  • The Derby – Also known as Pintakasi, this tournament pairs birds based on their weight and participants must pay an entry fee. The prize pool can be as much as 50,000,000 PHP. 
  • Master Breeders’ Cup – The Master Breeders Cup is usually held in the Philippines, mostly in December. You can stream the event online and the prize pool can reach 100,000,000 PHP.
  • World Pitmasters Cup – This is an international event consisting of nine cockfighting derbies. It usually takes place in Manila, although participants are from all over the world.

Sabong Betting Tips and Strategies

Savvy bettors know how to maximize their chances of winning in Sabong. Pros at real money casinos in the Philippines recommend:

  • Choose your cock wisely. Typically, lighter birds have an edge over heavier roosters and tend to have better chances of winning. 
  • Check statistics. Of course, you must know about the bird you intend to back. Not just whether it is good enough to win but also its fighting style. 
  • Choose your event carefully. If you are looking to increase your winning chances, bet on popular events. They offer decent odds and bigger prize pools. 
  • Consider the trainer. If the trainer/owner has multiple wins in the recent past, it shows their cocks are in perfect condition to get the work done. 
  • Make a budget. Don’t forget to gamble responsibly and stick to a reasonable budget.

How to Start Sabong Betting Online

Betting on Sabong online is an easy and direct process. Here’s how to get started:

  • Visit a licensed and regulated online casino or bookmaker to ensure fair and safe betting; 
  • Register on the platform by providing the required information;
  • Log into your account, complete the KYC verification process, and top up your account using the available payment methods;
  • Visit the Sabong section and start betting. 

If you win the prize will automatically reach your account. So, from here you can cash out by clicking on the “withdraw” button and following the onscreen instructions.


Sabong betting can be a fun and profitable venture to participate in. However, to get the most out of it, you must understand the basics of the sport. Besides learning the rules and betting options, it’s important to select only the best online casinos or sportsbooks in the Philippines. Basically, this will ensure you get access to decent odds, a wide variety of events, and assurance of getting paid. Betting online on Sabong in the Philippines is prohibited by PAGCOR, but you can wager on virtual Sabong. If you are unsure of the best sites to visit, visit our casino reviews for a good match.


Sabong betting is only legal when you bet live, in a physical stadium. PAGCOR banned all forms of Sabong betting online, although a few brands continue to offer the virtual form of this sport.

Yes, you can wager on Sabong online. However, betting online is only limited to virtual betting and you cannot bet on live events.

Sabong betting only offers four markets; win, draw (full time), or draw (both dead). Both dead is a rare occurrence and as such, tends to have the highest odds of the three.

Contrary to common belief, eSabong betting isn't rigged. To ensure you have a safe, secure, and fair betting experience betting on eSabong, ensure you visit a licensed and regulated online bookmaker.

Meron in Sabong simply refers to backing the strong or favorite cock. Wala, on the other hand, refers to backing the underdog to win the match.

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