Texas Hold’em – Best Guide to Win Big

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variant at top online casinos in the Philippines. Learn how to play and win with this simple guide.

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variation in the Philippines and worldwide. The game follows the same basic rules and hand hierarchy as classic poker games, making it easy to master. In other words, this makes it a perfect game for beginners. But while the gameplay is simple and straightforward, some players might not be making the most of their session. Fortunately, this brief yet detailed Texas Hold’em guide should help you improve your skills or learn how to play if you’re new. Here you’ll find all there is to know about this poker version, from its history to our best tips.

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A Brief History of Texas Hold’em

Actually, there is little information on the origins of Texas Hold’em Poker. Records indicate Texas State Legislature officially recognizes Robstown, Texas, as the place of origin for the game, hence its name. Legendary poker player Doyle Brunson is considered the father of Texas Hold’em. It was him, alongside the likes of Crandell Addington and Amarillo Slim, who spread the game from Texas to most gambling cities of America. Eventually, the game reached Las Vegas in 1967, from where it spread to different parts of the world. 

In recent history, the popularity of Texas Hold’em Poker has been fanned by the famous World Series of Poker. The game has become even more popular among enthusiasts and beginner players worldwide. Of course, it has a digital version available at just about any online casino in the Philippines. The rules online and offline are the same but online Texas Hold’em is much more convenient.

How to Play Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold ’em Glossary

If you are new to playing Texas Hold’em, you want to know about some basic terms like: 

Ante bet – A small forced bet every player has to make before the initial deal;

Hole card – Cards facing down; 

Flop – A flop is when the first three face-up cards are dealt; 

Call – When a player calls, they are basically matching a bet or a raise;

Fold – When you fold, you discard your hand and forfeit your interest in the pot;

Turn – The fourth card dealt to the table – each player has to use it to make their final hand;

River – The last card dealt in Texas Hold’em, after which players will place their final bets and if necessary, the showdown begins;

Burning a card – When the dealer burns a card, he/she has simply placed it in a discarded pile;

Showdown – If two or more players remain at the table after the river card is dealt, they must expose their cards in the showdown to determine the winner.

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The Rules

Your main objective while playing Texas Hold’em, like in a general poker game, is to win the pot, which has all the bets. You can win in two ways – by having the strongest hand after the showdown or “forcing” the other players to fold. But for the latter, you must wager more than the other players are willing to risk. In addition, you’ll have to bluff you have a stronger hand than them even if you don’t. 

Betting in Texas Hold’em follows a systematic seven-step process highlighted below. This process is standard across all online casinos offering Texas Hold’em games. 

  • All players at the table place an Ante bet; 
  • Two hole cards are dealt to all players; 
  • The flop is dealt;
  • Once a player peaks at his cards, he/she is required to call or fold; 
  • A raise bet is placed; 
  • The river and turn are dealt; 
  • Showdown starts.

How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker is a sequential casino game and it starts with the first round of betting. So, all players begin with placing the first ‘Ante’ bet, after which they receive two hole cards. Then the player seated to the left of the dealer starts the gameplay. This player’s options are to check, place a bet, or raise. Once they make a choice, every other player must decide to raise, call, or fold. This is the end of the first round and in the next step, the dealer burns a card and proceeds to deal three cards face up. These become the community cards from which every player must form their hand while also using their own hole cards. After this, a second round of betting starts, following the same procedures as before. 

Once everyone has finished wagering in the second round, the dealer burns another card and deals the 4th community card. Another round of betting takes place. Then, a fifth card is burned and the last community card is dealt. Finally, betting takes place one more time and the winner gets paid based on their hand values. For example, a straight hand combination pays out at odds of 1:1 while a flush pays at 3:2. For a full house the odds are 3:1, 10:1 for four of a kind, and 50:1 for a straight flush. The strongest hand is the royal flush which pays out at odds of 500:1. 

Winning Tips and Strategies

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular casino games and players can boost their winning chances by playing smart. We have some tips and strategies you can use to get the most out of your game.

  • Consider the most likely hands you can make after two more cards have been drawn; 
  • Fold if you have no hand and you need two cards to form a hand;
  • Call if you are only one hand away from forming a strong hand, such as a straight or flush;
  • Call if you have two cards above a gutshot and the board. Such a hand is equivalent to having a strong drawing hand.


Texas Hold’em is a top choice for casino players in the Philippines as it’s easy to learn. This variation of poker offers huge potential payouts and certainly loads of thrill. You can enjoy it both for free and in real money mode, even on the go because there’s high demand you can find this game at virtually any online casino. But of course, finding the right destination for Texas Hold’em is crucial. So, head to our casino reviews and find the best platform for you.


Yes, of course. However, you are not guaranteed to win every time, even with a perfect betting strategy.

You need both to win in Texas Hold 'em. How the cards are dealt boils down to luck, but the game's results are also determined through skills.

The best way to improve your skills is to practice playing the game online. You can do this by participating in freeroll tournaments, which are readily available online.

No, Texas Hold’em is not rigged. There are rules and regulations put in place to ensure all players access a safe, secure, and fair gaming experience at legitimate casinos.

If you fancy a game that offers steady action, you should play the limit version. However, if you want to win big money, the no-limit version is the right game for you.

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