Responsible Gambling for Filipino Players

All casino players in the Philippines can benefit from responsible gambling practices. Learn how to stay safe in this simple guide.

Responsible gambling is the best way for casino players in the Philippines to make sure they stay safe from addiction. Of course, playing casino games is super fun and exciting but it’s also risky in terms of developing a gambling problem. Fortunately, top online casinos offer a range of responsible gambling tools to all their customers. So, players can play their games knowing their safety and security are warranted at the casino. In this simple guide, you will learn more about how to gamble responsibly online. Moreover, the guide will help you assess your personal gambling habits.

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Problematic vs. Responsible Gambling

Fortunately, most real money casinos in the Philippines offer their customers a responsible gambling toolset. However, if you do have a problem, making a meaningful change comes down to your desire to relinquish bad habits. 

One of the most important aspects of responsible gambling is not believing in gambling myths. Unfortunately, some players believe gambling for long increases the chance of winning or winning money back. Others believe keeping track of previous results or using a strategy increases one’s chance of winning. There’s also a common myth of cold/hot games, where playing hot ones increases winning chances. But the truth of the matter is that gambling is all about chance. So, every outcome is truly random, regardless of your gaming rituals. 

In addition, responsible gambling involves: 

  • Only spending money you can afford to lose and treating the losses as the cost of entertainment. 
  • Treating any form of online gambling as a source of entertainment and not as a source of earning an income. 
  • Coming up with a proper money management program and strictly adhering to it, even during a winning streak. 
  • Setting aside time for playing online casino games on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis – and adhering to the schedule.

If your habits are the opposite of responsible gambling, then you may have a problematic relationship with casino gaming. If you are constantly on the edge and looking to play the – next casino game, even when losing – it’s problematic. Some addicted gamblers even borrow funds from close people to satisfy the urge to play online casino games. Moreover, problematic gambling strains your relationships with friends and family.

Addiction and Responsible Gambling

Gambling Addiction Warning Signs 

If you experience any of the following things, you may be developing a gambling problem. Seek help when: 

  • All you think about is playing the next casino game;
  • Repeatedly borrowing funds to either play casino games or pay off debts incurred as a result of gambling;
  • You spend much of your time playing casino games and hardly have time for your friends or family;
  • You start using gambling as a source of dealing with an emotional problem. Maybe grief, a breakup, or a mental health condition;
  • You start pawning off your personal property or selling off your possessions to get money for gambling;
  • You cannot believe that you almost won and start chasing your losses. All you think of is winning the next big bet.

Denial Prevents Responsible Gambling

Unfortunately, many addicted gamblers are in denial. In other words, they don’t recognize that they have a problem. For example, if you know your relationship with gambling is unhealthy but avoid thinking about it – there is an issue. Most addicts also go to great lengths to justify their behavior, look for excuses, and not take full responsibility. If you have a deep aversion to talking to professionals about your gambling, it’s certainly a bad sign. Unfortunately, getting out of the denial phase is one of the hardest steps towards responsible gambling.

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How to Beat Addiction

Once you’ve admitted you have a gambling problem, the next step is to seek professional help. In addition, you can implement these tips:

  • Step 1 – set a date you’d like to quit. This will make the day special and memorable, like your birthday, or an anniversary.
  • Step 2 – change your environment. Also, set up restrictions from visiting certain sites through your browser.
  • Step 3 – use the responsible gambling tools casinos offer. These include setting limits on how much you spend, lose, or deposit. You can also choose to self-exclude for a certain period.
  • Step 4 – distract yourself with other activities. If, for example, you used to play slots as a pass time, try playing video games or other mobile games.
  • Step 5 – join a support network. This will help you share your experiences with players with similar problems. 

Tips On Responsible Gaming

Smart players should always strive to keep their gaming sessions safe and fun. So even if you don’t have a gambling problem, it’s always better to exercise caution. 

  • Only visit your local brick-and-mortar or the top online casino when you are in a good mood. Don’t visit the casino when lonely, sad, or angry. 
  • Look at gambling as a way to have fun, not as a profit source.
  • Stay away from irresponsible gamblers, as they may be a bad influence.
  • Be wary of gambling myths, which could lead you to spend more than you intend to. 
  • Use the available responsible gambling tools at your casino of choice.
  • Stick to a budget both for your money and time.
  • Be prepared to lose and don’t chase the losses.
  • Learn about gambling addiction and how to identify it.

Where to Get Help 

If you feel that you need help or your gambling is becoming problematic, there are many free support services available. In the Philippines, several organizations have dedicated their time, efforts, and resources to offering help to players who need it. Some of the common ones include:

  • GamCare;
  • Philippines – Gamblers Anonymous;
  • NCMH Crisis Hotline – you can reach them 24/7 toll-free;
  • GambleAware – you can live chat with them on their platform for help.


Anyone who engages in gambling online is susceptible to becoming addicted. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to get your casino gaming sessions under control. If you feel you are affected or know someone who might be, get help from professionals. Generally, responsible gambling help is free of any charges and anonymous. Otherwise, even if you don’t have a problem right now, gambling responsibly is important for every player. So check out our casino reviews to check out your safe gaming options in the Philippines.


A support group for problematic gamblers is a group run by trained professionals or peer support members. This team works in sync to help players seeking help concerning responsible gambling.

A gambling blocking software is meant to help you set limits, and control your online gambling activities. The best online casino sites have different tools and software to help you achieve this.

In addition to gambling blocking software, online casinos have other features in place to ensure you gamble responsibly. For example, they allow you to set up deposit and bet limits. You can also choose to set up a cool-off time, where you won't be able to access your account for a certain period.

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